A return to the roots



“Spanish liquid gold.”


A professional soccer player who, during his travels abroad, notices one of the culinary elements he misses the most, extra virgin olive oil.

He begins his romance with the Spanish liquid gold

He began to train in tasting and his enthusiasm for this product turned into passion and he started selling it. After a few years he decides to invest in his own olive trees, of traditional cultivation, in the natural park of Túria and of organic production. From the pampering and care he obtains the best olives, which he harvests early to elaborate with care the extra virgin olive oil ENVERO.


Slide ITS COLLABORATION WITH expert master olive oil millers Gives the finishing touch to make its product the highest quality in our community


We are the expression of the oils of a territory and the effort of the farmers. We are committed to the recovery of traditional production techniques.


ENVERO oils come from the milling of native olives grown naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


We trace all stages of production. By traceability we mean the stages of the production process of the entire supply chain.

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